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If you have been diagnosed with astigmatism, you may wonder just what it is and what you will be able to do about it. It just means that the front of your eye is not shaped perfectly round. They have a slightly abnormal shape, and this affects the vision of many patients. Astigmatism is common, and it's common to have a mild case that doesn't give you any real vision problems. However, some people do have a stronger case of this condition, and this means vision trouble that needs to be corrected for clear vision.


Patients who have astigmatism are often born with their eyes like this, but there are ways that it can also develop later in life. If you have ever had an eye injury or surgery on your eyes, this can cause astigmatism to develop. Certain eye diseases can also have this effect. Patients may need specialty contact lenses to help them to get clearer vision. If you need your eye exam to check for astigmatism, or to give you a new prescription, call our optometrist office in Wilkes Barre, PA, to get your appointment for eye care. We at Engle Eyewear are here to help. We also serve Scranton, PA, Hazleton, PA, and Kingston, PA.

The Shape of the Front of Your Eyes

The shape of the front of your eyes has a lot to do with how you see. When the front part is round, light comes into it and then bends evenly in various directions. This gives the person clear vision. However, with astigmatism, the front of the eyes aren't round and are shaped more like a football. When eyes are this shape, the light coming in is bent unevenly, and this causes problems with the patient's vision. The light being bent unevenly means that when you look at objects, one part of them will be in focus and the rest blurry or distorted. Astigmatism is known for distorting vision and making things look wavy. People with this eye condition may also be nearsighted or farsighted. It's common for patients to notice their wavy vision and assume that they have nearsightedness or farsightedness. 

Astigmatism Symptoms

While this eye condition does cause blurriness, it also causes visual distortion. It's also known for causing eye strain and headaches as people strain to try to see better. Astigmatism can also cause you to have trouble seeing at night. It can be a frustrating condition, and it can cause plenty of vision problems that can interfere with your life. However, many patients can use contact lenses or glasses to see better.

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