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Diabetic Retinopathy: Managing Your Eye Disease

Your retina receives light signals and transmits them to the brain. However, for those with diabetes, blood vessels surrounding the retina and optic nerve often become damaged, affecting the normal function of your retina. This results in diabetic retinopathy, a serious condition that can ultimately lead to blindness. Engle Eyewear is a trusted eye doctor that treats diabetic retinopathy for those in Wilkes Barre and the surrounding communities. 


Diabetic Eye Exam for Retinopathy

Your eye doctor may recommend a diabetic eye exam if you have diabetes or have a family history of diabetic retinopathy. This exam is far more comprehensive and may include special imaging of the retina and/or blood vessels. Those at risk of diabetic retinopathy also have a greater chance of macular degeneration, glaucoma, or cataracts. Accordingly, those checks are often included in diabetic eye exams as well.

Thanks to advanced medical technology, checking the health of your retina is easy and non-invasive. Most testing can be performed during your regular eye exam, saving you time. Most importantly, early detection makes it more likely you will be able to preserve your good vision long term.

Eye Disease Management

Diabetic retinopathy becomes more likely when you have spikes in your blood sugar or when your disease is otherwise out of control. Consequently, managing your diabetes is key to preventing and/or managing diabetic retinopathy. Exercise, eat healthy meals, and monitor your blood glucose readings very closely. If you are overweight, make an effort to shed those unwanted pounds and keep your blood pressure levels within the normal range. By doing these things, you’ll be protecting your eyesight and improving your overall health.

Signs to Watch For

Regular testing is essential for anyone diagnosed with diabetes. However, problems can still occur unexpectedly. Please contact us immediately if you experience any of the following symptoms:

- Sudden vision loss or changes in eyesight

- Floaters or strings in front of your eyes

- Flashes of light in one or both eyes

- Dark or blank spots in your field of vision

- The appearance of a "curtain" closing in over your line of sight

Schedule Your Diabetic Eye Exam

All diabetics should visit a licensed optometrist at least annually. Don't gamble with your visual health when Engle Eyewear can provide comprehensive eye disease management. If you're in Wilkes Barre, schedule an appointment today by calling us at (570) 208-1111.

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