Laura Hoffman

  • Laura Hoffman
    Certified Optician

    Laura has been dedicated to the optical field since 2017, and in 2021, she joined Engle Eyewear, where she currently serves as a Board Certified Optician.

    Her journey into the world of eyewear began as a child when she received her first pair of spectacles, forging a lasting connection with the allure of well-crafted eyeglasses. Due to her high prescription, Laura possesses a profound understanding of the importance of selecting the perfect frame and lenses to complement and enhance the appearance of strong prescriptions.

    Laura takes great pride in her commitment to continual learning and her unwavering dedication to ensuring that her patients genuinely adore their eyewear. Her typical day at Engle Eyewear consists of assisting patients in selecting the ideal eyewear and sunwear, taking precise measurements, and performing expert eyewear adjustments. She also takes the time to educate patients on the proper use of contact lenses, further demonstrating her dedication to their eye health.

    Before embarking on her career as an Optician, Laura honed her exceptional customer service skills in the realm of retail management. It was in the optical field that she found her true passion, and she has been wholeheartedly dedicated to it ever since.

    Outside of her professional life, Laura is an enthusiastic reader, an avid traveler, and a music lover. She enjoys these activities with her husband and daughter, making the most of her cherished free time.

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