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If you find out during an eye exam that you have presbyopia, there are a few treatment options available for you to consider. Some individuals may prefer using bifocal eyeglasses. However, if you would rather use contact lenses instead, there is also the option of using bifocal contact lenses. At Engle Eyewear Inc in Wilkes Barre, PA, our optometrist near you offers these contact lenses as a discreet and effective solution to correct your presbyopia. 

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What Are Bifocal Lenses?

Bifocals are a type of eyeglasses that have two different strengths in the same lens. The upper part of the bifocal lens helps with distant vision, while the lower portion aids near vision. If you examine bifocal lenses closely, you might notice a line where these different viewing areas meet.

Who Created Bifocal Lenses?

When Benjamin Franklin realized that his eyesight was getting worse, he came up with the idea of bifocal lenses in 1784. To tackle this issue, Franklin decided to break two separate pairs of glasses in half and combine them to create what we now call bifocals or "double spectacles." This invention marked a significant advancement in the development of eyewear.

Who Gets a Prescription for Bifocal Lenses?

Bifocal glasses are commonly prescribed for individuals who have trouble with both near and far vision. They serve as an alternative to switching between distance glasses and reading glasses.

Typically, bifocals are recommended for adults aged 40 and above when they start developing presbyopia. Presbyopia refers to age-related farsightedness, where the eyes’ natural lenses become less flexible, leading to difficulty focusing light on the retina. Rigid lenses in your eyes leads to reading or seeing objects clearly becoming a challenge.

Bifocals are not just used for presbyopia. They can also be prescribed for other reasons. For instance, children with amblyopia or accommodative esotropia might be prescribed bifocal glasses. In some cases, the near vision area of lenses helps improve a child's focusing abilities and reduces the tendency of the weaker eye to turn inward.

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