Prescription Lenses

When you have a condition that leaves you with less than perfect vision, you must get your eye exams every year to have your vision tested. For many common eye conditions, prescription lenses can help correct their vision to perfect or near-perfect. You'll need to see an optometrist to get your current contact lenses or glasses prescription. Many people also get prescription polarized lenses for sunny days. If you need an eye doctor in the Scranton, PA, Hazleton, PA, Kingston, PA, or Wilkes Barre, PA, areas, call our office to make your vision appointment to get the necessary lenses.

Prescription Lenses


It's highly common for people to want eyeglasses when they need prescription lenses for vision correction. Prescription glasses have several benefits, including being easy to put on and wear. Eyeglasses might be the right choice for prescription lenses if you don't want to touch your eyes. In addition, prescription glasses have a classic look that many patients are happy with. Finally, they can help you express yourself through your selection of frames. When you see an eye doctor and want glasses, we can help you get the frames you need for the look you want.

Polarized Lenses

If you are often outside, you need sunglasses to protect your eyes. We may not have consistently sunny weather, but we still have many sunny days. Getting prescription polarized lenses has its benefits. The polarization can help you cut down on glare and see deeper colors. In addition, they are highly protective of your eyes and may help you avoid eye strain.

Contact Lenses

Although another alternative is contact lenses, which can help you wear certain things over your face without the hassle of blurry vision. In addition, you may not like the look of glasses themselves. Tell the eye doctor before your exam if you want contact lenses. That way, they can adjust their recommendation accordingly.

It's helpful for people with highly athletic lifestyles to wear contact lenses, because they can't fall off with exertion as glasses can.

See Our Optometrist

When you need an optometrist in the Scranton, PA, Hazleton, PA, Kingston, PA, or Wilkes Barre, PA, areas, call our office and make your appointment. Schedule an eye exam and get prescription lenses to see as well as possible. Contact us today at (570) 208-1111

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