Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are a convenient option for people who want an alternative to glasses. Fortunately, people who wear glasses have many options regarding contact lenses, regardless of their vision issues. Our Wilkes-Barre, PA, team at Engle Eyewear is committed to meeting the wants and needs of our patients, even if you're someone who needs hard-to-fit contacts. 


Contact Lenses

Patients who want to move from glasses to contact lenses will need a contact lens exam. A contact lens exam differs from the exam patients receive before they're fitted for glasses. An eye doctor can administer a contact lens exam to determine what type of contact lens is best for the patient.

Even if you're a patient who needs hard-to-fit contacts, an optometrist may still be able to find a lens that works for you. Clear vision is available to everyone with the help of corrective lenses. Regardless of your age, eye health, and particular vision issue, there may be a contact lens that allows you to avoid wearing glasses. 

Astigmatism and Other Eye Issues

Astigmatism is a common disorder that affects the eyeball's shape or curvature. Astigmatism causes unclear or blurred vision due to issues with the cornea or the inner or lenticular area of the eye. However, this disorder is treatable with corrective lenses.

If you have astigmatism and want to wear contact lenses, your eye doctor may prescribe special lenses for you. Toric lenses help patients with curvature issues see better without wearing glasses. Toric lenses are shaped to offset or compensate for the vision issues caused by astigmatism. The shape of the lens allows wearers to focus and see clearly without the blurring and lack of understanding that patients with astigmatism experience.

Believe it or not, there are contact lenses designed for people who wear bifocals as well. However, an eye doctor can help you determine the best type of lens based on your specific eye condition. 

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If you wear glasses or want to wear contact lenses, call Engle Eyewear in Wilkes-Barre, PA, at (570) 208-1111. Our team can help you find the best lens for your unique situation. A contact lens exam will give the eye doctor the information he needs to select the best lens type for your eyes. We'd be happy to help you explore your options. 

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