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Are you or a loved one suffering from Computer Vision Syndrome or digital eye strain severely affecting your vision and overall quality of life? You don't have to suffer from this uncomfortable eye condition alone. Our eye care experts at Engle Eyewear in Wilkes Barre can help you find relief! 

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What is Computer Vision Syndrome?

In today's age of "always-on" technology, more of us are suffering from Computer Vision Syndrome, which we also call "digital eye strain." Digital eye strain can lead to uncomfortable side effects including dry eyes, headaches, blurred vision, and back, neck, and shoulder pain.

An experienced eye care professional can help you combat the harmful effects of Computer Vision Syndrome and restore your eyesight. Your eye care professional will conduct an eye exam to assess the overall health and condition of your eyes. They will take measurements and note symptoms related to CVS.

Computer Vision Treatment and Services

If your eye doctor finds that you are suffering from CVS, they can recommend a few treatments and techniques to help you resolve this condition. They may recommend corrective lenses such as computer glasses, prescription lenses, eyeglasses, or contact lenses that can help support your eye health when you're required to use computer screens like tablets, phones, and desktop computers.

Your eye care provider may also teach you a few eye exercises to help reduce the strain on your eyes and improve your ability to focus. Optometrists often recommend artificial tears as a component of treatment for people suffering from digital eye strain and CVS.

Comprehensive Eye Exams

A comprehensive eye exam conducted by a licensed optometrist can discover, treat, and prevent a wide variety of eye conditions like CVS, myopia, astigmatism, or glaucoma. Optometrists recommend getting regular exams to prevent and treat debilitating and degenerative conditions of the eye that can negatively impact your vision and reduce your overall quality of life. Visit our eye care pros at Engle Eyewear when you're ready for your comprehensive eye exam!

Get Improved Vision and Eye Health

When you take better care of your eye health, the results can be improved vision, more confidence when you can see clearly, and an improvement in your overall well-being. The eye care specialists at Engle Eyewear specialize in helping our patients find improved vision and relief from vision disorders.

Contact our office today at (570) 208-1111 to schedule your initial eye care appointment and learn more about our eye services and treatments for Computer Vision Syndrome or digital eye strain. If you live in or around Wilkes Barre, Scranton, or Hazleton, schedule an appointment with our eye care experts at Engle Eyewear today!

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