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Blurry Vision: When to Get an Eye Exam

Blurry vision is a common issue for many children and adults. At Engle Eyewear, our optometrist is ready to help you find the best solutions for your everyday lifestyle. Our goal is to help the people of Wilkes-Barre to see more clearly and live their lives more fully. If you're struggling with questions about blurry vision, we have answers. 


What causes blurry vision?

In a simple test, a doctor will be able to diagnose the cause of most vision problems. Usually, the answer has to do with the shape of the eye or your age. Occasionally, blurry vision can come from other health-related issues. The good news is that proper eye health and a regular eye exam can help detect and correct most problems.

A common cause of blurry vision is astigmatism. The best way to correct this is with prescription lenses. We take pride in providing the most fashionable eyeglasses in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Whatever your needs, we want you to walk out of our doors seeing and looking your best.

What kind of eye exam will I need?

The exam to diagnose blurry vision is simple and fast. Our optometrist will walk you through each painless step, and you will know you're in good hands. During most exams, you'll experience brief moments of bright light and occasionally a puff of air in your eyes. The doctor will always let you know when this is about to happen. You'll also get to look at images to compare which types of lenses best correct your vision. Our patients often tell us this is the easiest doctor's appointment they've ever had!

Will I have to wear eyeglasses?

The doctor's recommendation will be tailored to your needs. However, if you do need prescription lenses, rest assured that we have the best selection available. Lately, we've seen a rise in people wearing eyeglasses for fashion. Even people with perfect vision are choosing frames that flatter their faces. They think of them as accessories.

Will my prescription lenses change over time?

Many people find that their eyesight changes as they go through life. Because of this, regular eye exams are important. You should plan to keep your prescription up to date so you always have the lens strength you need.

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If you live in the Wilkes-Barre area, you owe it to yourself to choose Engle Eyewear. We pride ourselves on being optometrists with vision. Make your appointment today to see the world better by calling us at (570) 208-1111.

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