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    Certified Optician

    Thomas Engle, a Board Certified Optician, embarked on his journey in the eyecare industry in 1986, driven by the encouragement of a cherished family friend and mentor. His entrance into this world marked the beginning of a lifelong commitment to the art and science of creating custom, handmade eyewear of the highest quality.

    Under the guidance of some of the industry's most esteemed Opticians, Tom honed his craft and rapidly distinguished himself with his exceptional customer service. When questioned by industry pioneer Dr. Stanley Pearle about the secret to his success, Tom's response was simple: 'I listen to the patient's needs and provide the best solution for their vision requirements.'

    In 2005, Tom, alongside his fellow Optician and wife, Renee, set out to establish the ultimate eyecare practice. Their vision was clear: a practice that prioritized the individual patient's needs and offered the pinnacle of custom-made eyewear. Tom explained, 'We founded our practice with a singular goal in mind - to provide each patient with the perfect pair of eyeglasses. We meticulously select the finest handmade frames from around the world, utilize the highest quality lenses available, and take the time to understand our patient's needs and expectations truly.'

    As an expert Optician, Tom personally crafts nearly every pair of eyewear they offer. His unwavering commitment to optical precision, exceeding industry standards, has earned him recognition from Zeiss Lenses as a vision expert and one of the finest in the business.

    Tom's dedication and expertise have also been acknowledged by prestigious professional affiliations, including the American Board of Opticians (ABOC), the Optician Association of America (Honored Fellow), and the National Academy of Opticianry (Academy Fellow Member).

    Outside of his professional endeavors, Tom indulges in fine dining, exquisite wines, music, and travel, often accompanied by his wife Renee and their close friends. These passions mirror his commitment to precision and artistry in all aspects of life.

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