Progressive Lenses

Engle Eyewear Optique, serving Wilkes Barre, PA, and the nearby region, offers progressive lenses. We'd like to take a moment to explain what they are and help you decide if they could be for you. We'd also offer luxury frames and designer eyewear to further help you find the right lenses for you, whether you need progressive lenses or not.  

Progressive Lenses

General Information 

These lenses take prescription eyeglasses to the extreme, giving the wearer complete convenience and eliminating the need for multiple pairs of eyeglasses or contacts. 

The first step is to receive an eye exam. If we discover you need bifocals or trifocals, we can discuss with you the possibility of progressive lenses. 

They can take care of your different eyesight needs. The upper section of the glasses, for example, can be the strength you need to see clearly at a distance. The lower section, however, can be the one you can use to see items that are up close. 

You don't need to have two pairs of glasses anymore and while these sound similar to trifocals or bifocals, progressive lenses do not have the distracting line that bifocals or trifocals have. 

Though you can use these if you have myopia and hyperopia, they're also useful if you have astigmatism.  

How We Assist 

Whenever you come to our office, our first step is to perform an eye exam to determine your exact vision deficit. We will then provide you with the different options you have to correct your vision fully, which may include wearing bifocals or having two different pairs of glasses. You also have the other option of wearing progressive lenses. 

As you speak with our optometrist, you'll receive more information that can help you make the best decision for you, such as the prices you can expect and the adjustment phase. 

Get an Eye Exam, a Prescription, Vision Correction, Luxury Frames, or Designer Eyewear, from an Optometrist

At Engle Eyewear Optique, serving Wilkes Barre, PA, and the general vicinity, we offer luxury frames and designer eyewear. You can also receive progressive prescription lenses for vision correction at three different levels simultaneously. 

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