Eyeglasses Frames

As you wear your prescription glasses for vision correction, you must consider the type of eyeglass frames that will house those prescription lenses. Many in the corporate world choose luxury frames and designer eyewear. At the same time, those with more active and physical careers usually consider a more durable frame to handle the rugged nature of their occupation.


Eyewear to Fit Your Lifestyle

It's also vital to consider eyeglass frames that are durable enough to accommodate any sports and recreational activities you may be involved in when not at work. This will help you maintain vision correction while participating in the activities you love. Be sure to consult our optometrist at Engle Eyewear in Wilkes Barre for the best solutions for eyeglass frames to match your lifestyle. The same goes for children's frames. You want to consider your child's active and rambunctious lifestyle when choosing eyeglass frames for their prescription lenses.

Eyewear Should Also Fit Your Cosmetic Preferences

When selecting frames, you shouldn't just consider your and your family's lifestyle. It would be best if you also made choices based on the shapes of your faces and your style and color preferences. Breaking your considerations down into these categories will help narrow the selection process from hundreds of frames. It can be a bit overwhelming, so deciding what fit is best for your face is essential for finding the right fit.

You may wear your glasses for the entirety of your day, so you want to ensure the fit is comfortable to the temples (sides of your face) and behind the ears. You want them to be so snug they are essentially unnoticeable to you as you go about your day. Suppose they are irritating you behind the ears or in the nose area. In that case, it will make for a long day of constantly tugging and adjusting your eyeglasses. If your frame is too small for the shape of your face, it could cause vision issues and even cause premature breakage, costing you more money in the long run.

Most patients want their frames to look so natural that they blend in with their faces. So, they will choose from various luxury frames such as rimless, semi-rimless, flesh-toned aluminum, metal, or plastic frames to showcase their designer eyewear. Others love to have more color in their lives and express their unique style through their frames. Whatever the choice when choosing a frame, let our optometrist and eyewear team guide you toward selecting the right fit for your vision needs.

Contact Engle Eyewear in Wilkes Barre, PA

There is so much to keep in mind when looking to select the right eyeglass frames for you. The good news is, you don't have to do it alone. Are you looking for an eye doctor near you? At Engle Eyewear, we have an office near you in Wilkes Barre and the surrounding areas such as Scranton, Hazleton, and Kingston to help you find the best frames for your lifestyle and style preferences. To learn more, call our optometrist and optical team at (570) 208-1111.

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