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Contact lenses are now widely used by a variety of people, from people with vision disorders to those that simply want to try on new eye colors. However, contact lenses are much more than a fashion statement. The right contact lenses can help you improve your vision almost instantly, improve your quality of life, and allow you to see better without the use of eyeglasses.


Unfortunately, not everyone can use regular contact lenses, which is why hard-to-fit contacts are so important. At Engle Eyewear, we'll be here to provide our community members of Wilkes Barre, Scranton, Hazleton, Clarks Summit, Kingston, Luzerne County, and Lackawanna County , with the information and tools they need to find the right set of contact lenses through our eye exam and help from our optometrist. If you have questions about hard-to-fit contacts, read on.

What are Hard to Fit Contacts?

Hard-to-fit contacts are designed to help people with underlying eye diseases or people who cannot wear regular contact lenses. There are many types of hard-to-fit contacts, which include:

  • RGP, or rigid gas permeable lenses, are designed to help oxygen pass through to the eye, retain moisture to keep the lens from drying out and help people see better than with traditional soft contacts
  • Scleral lenses, which fit over the entirety of the eye and can help people with a condition known as keratoconus see clearly
  • Bifocal lenses can help older people that have a condition known as presbyopia see from both near and far

Can I Use Regular Contact Lenses?

Your optometrist will determine which contact lenses are best for you. They will do so by conducting an eye exam to determine if you're a good candidate for traditional soft contact lenses or other types of contacts to restore your vision.

Will Hard-to-Fit Contacts Improve My Vision?

Yes! hard-to-fit contacts still work like regular contact lenses in that they improve the shape of the eye to help you focus better and see clearly. There is no disadvantage to them, and in fact, they can help you see clearly if you're unable to use regular contact lenses.

Where Can I Get Help Finding the Best Contact Lenses For Me in Luzerne County PA?

At Engle Eyewear, we'll be here to help you choose the best contact lenses for you or a loved one! Call us today to see how we can help you choose the right contact lenses to improve your vision significantly! Schedule an appointment at our office in Luzerne County to get started.

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